Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ceramic Art London

Friday was a good day!
I went to Ceramic Art London to have a look at the beautiful things and to help on Claire's stand.
There was SO much to see, I don't think i managed to take it all in but i had a nice chat with some people i'd read about - so that was exciting!
Here are some of the highlights.

This is work by Lara Scobie. I had a little chat to her and She was talking about the clay she uses for her pots. It's a clay called parian (I had never heard of it) and apparently it is self waterproofing so there is no need for glaze. I thought the patterns on her pots were lovely too.

These are Claire's lovely little (and not so little) heads. I particularly like the big bald one in the top image - He looks really grumpy.
Helping out on the stand was really interesting, people's reactions to the heads was fascinating, some people openly laughed at the pieces and EVERYONE smiled... even at the grumpy ones.
I was quite taken by these 'Sweater Birds' by Katy S. Jennings. They were actually part of the 'Work in Progress' student show downstairs. I'm a bit jealous of their jumpers!

This is work by Fenella Elms, She won the Ceramic Review prize in the show. Her work is beautiful, it's made up of individually contstructed tiny pieces of porcelain which are set in formation. They are really impressive.
These are Louisa Taylor's 'Tutone' condiment pots. I had a little chat to her. She works in thrown porcelain and hand paints on her decoration.

I had a nice chat to Claudia Lis too. She explained how she drops wire wool into her glaze before firing and it acts as an oxide adding interesting varients in the glaze. She was really lovely!

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