Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Week 3 - Residency at Lyndon

I've gone back for another week at Lyndon School.
This time I've been working with year 7s on a weave project. I have found them are harder to inspire than the older students, but we've had a good go. Some of the weaving they did is beautiful!
I asked them to pick a colour scheme, e.g. Seascape, Sunset. Or a colour to shade and tone with within their weave. Some of them really responded well to the instruction..... Other's decided to go for a free-er approach! Here are some little weaves. Not too bad for 50 minute workshops I think!

Also, some of the lovely little slab pots we made last time had been fired and a few of them glazed whilst I was away. Yesterday I glazed the rest and put on a firing! I was so desperate to crack the kiln and have a little look today, but it hadn't cooled down enough to open it!
First thing tomorrow morning I'll go and see the pots!

The colours are going to be quite vibrant i think. I chose greens and oranges and blues and browns. They looked quite chalky and pleasing pre-fired!

I'll let you know tomorrow how the other pots have turned out!

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