Sunday, 21 August 2011

Studley Treasures

This morning we got up nice and early and went to sell some clutter at Studley Car Boot Sale.
The sun was shining and it brought out the buyers as well as the booters!

I allowed myself a little wander about and only spent £1.50 in total on a lovely little wind-up gold watch for 50p [which amazingly keeps perfect time!] these old haberdashery cards and a slightly ridiculous mug commemorating the engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Di from 1981. J did not like the mug as much as I did.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Charity shopping: Claret coloured tea glasses

Whilst out shopping today I fell into Age UK [ My best charity shop - Age UK are far less organised and picky about the layout of the store than most others which I think increases the probability of finding treasures.] When I happened across these beautiful red plastic tea glasses. Needless to say, for 50p each, I snapped them up!

I'm not sure how old they are, I suspect quite old because J's Granddad has some almost identical in blue. The glasses themselves I think are a mix of two sets, half are Pyrex and the other half say 'JTJ Made in England' on the base. They'll look lovely in the new flat!

I also bought a pair of knitting needles for my lovely friend Jess who I'm teaching to knit for 20p and a beautiful pair of old Roland Cartier shoes for £2. Unfortunately the shoes are size 38.5 so aren't for keeps, but someone will love them I'm sure!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Trowbridge Textile and Weaving Festival

Yesterday I had a lovely sunny day going to set up my work in the exhibition at Trowbridge Museum for the Trowbridge Textile and Weaving Festival.
[Also a welcome excuse to go and stay and have dinner with my lovely friends in Bristol! An opportunity not to be missed]

The 'Apothecary Bottles' were carefully placed in next to all the old pharmaceutical bits and bobs in the cabinet containing all of the remnants of Aplin's Chemist.
I am just delighted with how well the piece fits in with the rest of the collection!

I'll be back to see the finished exhibition in full when I return to run my series of workshops at the end of the month.
All the details of the workshops and festival events are listed here in the brochure.