Thursday, 24 February 2011

Model Made

Today was quite productive if a little stressful. I forced myself into the casting workshop even though it terrifies me almost as much as the Glaze room! (Almost there, my mask made it up the hill today!)
But I feel so much better now i've done it. I've made a model that I can make a mould from, just a bit of tidying to be done first. It weighs an absolute ton!
I had a bit of a play with my embroideries, I can see how it will work now and I'm feeling like I might actually be able to make 14 big pots with faces on! - all I need to do is draw almost everyone and embroider them ALL again. That sounds like a reading week job!

..... A bit of me wants to go and cast more things now!! (unnecessary moulds?)

1 comment:

  1. Well done XD
    Unnecessary mould are the way forward haha... make the most of them studio fees :P