Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Embroidered Book

This afternoon I've been finishing off and tidying up the edges of my embroidered book before hand in. This book is one of the 5/6 pieces from this year I'll be showing in the degree show.

I think there's only a couple more embroidered pages left to do before this one is finished.

Chiffon shirt

This is a lovely little chiffon shirt I found in Cancer Research in Bath the other day, £4 bargain.
It's got a bit of pretty embroidery around the top, and looks far less nan like in person!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

'The Collective' Exhibition

Last night we popped along to 'The Collective' Exhibition at The Officers Club, Bath - In association with Fringe Arts Bath.

Our Friend Lauren was exhibiting her collection of train tickets (See her grinning with the tickets above).

There were lots of other lovely little things to see, including a large collection of bird eggs, exhibited by Kieran Fawcett which were to be found on a table of oddities and old things! I also particularly liked the collection of dried apple cores, and the artist/collector, Gill Holt, who has held on to all her scrabble journals for 40 years!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Tins and tins with things in.

Whilst finding the right tin to put my knitting in yesterday, I got all of my tins out. It dawned on me that I do in fact have quite a lot of tins.

The best type of tins are tins that have something in them when you buy them; the above little tins have a compact powder-puff, tailors chalk and the smallest tin has a small hand and nail moisturising tablet thing in it.

My best tin is my 'pin tin' - The Coronation OXO tin from June 1953.

You can fit 12 OXO cubes in it. You can fit 6 cubes in the smaller tin.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Re-knitting, Re-housed

This is a little piece I've just finished which is an unraveled crochet doily, reknitted into a little strip and curled up inside a customised tabacco tin. It is accompanied by an extract from my Grandmother's recipe book and embroidered with 'Nice xx' which is how she marked recipes she liked for her own reference within the little book.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cumberland Rum Butter Embroidery

This is a little embroidery for a recipe for Cumberland Rum Butter. I've never eaten this, but it sounds fairly yummy!
It's embroidered on synthetic Georgette.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday in the studio

Nipped into uni today to pop the brick on the kiln, assembled another pot - Only 4 days of making left!! James came too and took some photos of me and The Pots.

Turns out that my socks match my mug. This was not deliberate!

People Pots

It's been a manic week of pot making and firing. Here are some underglazed pots with new faces. I'm starting to really enjoy this project now - It's stopped stressing me out as much!
It's also dawned on me that this is by far the BIGGEST project I've ever done! How I'm going to store these little people pots I don't know.

I just need to glaze and name them now - Any ideas on names would be greatly appreciated. I'm wanting something quite family orientated, but not too nostalgic and not too "Vase-y".

Face Pots or similar!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A beautiful bag of linen

I spoke to a lovely lady last week who came in to look around our exhibition. She seemed interested my work with found old fabrics and the very next day she popped back in to give me a bag packed full of gorgeous old linens. It's clearly all the tablecloths, crochet doilies, embroidered handkerchiefs and tray cloths that she has collected over the years. There is even a beautiful old pillow case cover with a name label stitched in.
I'll put these to very good use and I'm sure these beautiful things will fuel many many projects to come!