Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Conclusion to the Stroud Project

Having submitted my spoons to The Museum In the Park in Stroud i felt that i needed a change of direction. the 8 month project based around the same simple form had left me completely drained of ideas.
I had managed to get my hands on a copy of 'The Subversive Stitch' a book by Rozsika Parker which looks at the oppression of women in society through needlework.
This is a subject I had touched on briefly in my project through the ideas of division of labour and some domestic objects being associated with women and 'Women's Work'.
So i carried on down the path of domestic objects .
These are old royal dalton 'mosaic collection' teacups and saucers. I've covered them in Latex, old crochet, lace and family photographs. I think they have quite a nice organic quality, like they've been overgrown.

Work Experience

I was on work experience at Lyndon School in Solihull a couple of weeks ago. i was terrified before i went but everyone was so lovely and i had a fab week!The kids were (on the most part) inspired and willing to try new things and ideas.
Although i came to the conclusion that if i'm going in for this whole teaching thing, i'm going to have to work on not being quite so frustrated with Key Stage 3!

This was a piece of year 9 work, i liked it because it was expressive and she was unafraid to make bold marks in her work.