Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mould Making

This week has seen 4 days in the plaster workshop - Good news that uni is now shutting at 10pm!
The plaster workshop is about the most frustrating, demotivating, mathematical place in the whole world, everything takes 5 attempts!
But I'm pleased with my mould - and it's almost been worth it!
I made a second model (the first one was well wonky!) and made a mould from it, I had no huge plaster leaks and achieved a small fortress of a mould-set-up!
Time to launch myself into the glaze room next week! And carry on embroidering faces!


  1. I'll join you in the glaze room at some point, need to make my glaze for my pots out of the kiln. I'm thinking a big batch so tell me when you're in there and I'll try and join :) You've done really well my lovely and hope it all works for you! xxxxxx

  2. MONDAY AFTERNOON! - panicked most likely! xxx