Sunday, 27 March 2011

Charity shopping (again)

On friday when I was in worcester visiting Jess we happened across a row of about 12 charity shops. Jess said she had never been in before?!?
There was amazing, beauteous things inside, completely untouched by the Cool-Cats-Of-Bath.
Despite being hideously poor at the moment I treated myself to a grey snake print top and this shoulder-padded beaded beauty in Scope. (Scope was the most fruitful.) Along the road I also found a rusty orange Jaeger lambs wool cardigan with big gold buttons and a floral blouse.
I spent a grand total of £18.

The find of the day has to be this £5 beaded top!


  1. £5 bargain, i think i need to visit thesse shops!!

  2. its beautiful! very jealous x x