Sunday, 18 December 2011

Salt dough decorations

A couple of weeks ago I made lots of salt dough decorations for christmas using cutters I found/bought/borrowed from various sources. I shaped them and dried them in the oven. I got over excited and ruined a few by drying [*cooking] them on too high a heat which made them bubble up a bit!

They didn't dry in time for me to decorate on the day so I left them overnight to dry fully, and then managed to forget about them completely until today.
So today I've decorated them, varnished them and suspended them off ribbon and they are now adorning the house in a very festive fashion.

Here they are before going in the oven. I had made decorative marks in them using a chopstick and made sure there were enough holes in them to enable me to suspend them when they were dry.

Here they are dried and glitter-glued.

Varnished, strung and festive-ly adorning a door knob.

Heres some reindeers, trees, stars and dinosaurs, varnished, glittered and drying.

And here they are sparkling on the tree!

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