Monday, 7 November 2011

Christmas Knitting.

I've finally begun knitting for Christmas. [ A little bit late really but it's still only November!]

I've knitted 3 hats so far, but I've decided that I like this one so much I've got to keep it for myself. Although the photo doesn't show it, the yarn is a rich bottle green and the bow is the same colour velvet, topped with a lovely little gold button I found.

Although the colour is slightly reminiscent of my old school uniform, I completely love it!

.....Now i've kept this hat I've got one more to add to the list of things to knit.


  1. Ooh, nice knits young lady! What pattern did you use? My mum's after a Christmas hat :) x

  2. Thanks!

    I didn't really use a pattern, I can't cope with them!!

    It's 68/70 stitches on size 7s, with a few rows of double rib, and then lace knit, k2tog, yarn over, on the front and purl on the back. measuring on my head as i go. to finish a few rows of stocking stitch and when it's head-sized, decrease by half on each row and sew up the back.

    Hope that makes sense! xxx