Thursday, 18 August 2011

Charity shopping: Claret coloured tea glasses

Whilst out shopping today I fell into Age UK [ My best charity shop - Age UK are far less organised and picky about the layout of the store than most others which I think increases the probability of finding treasures.] When I happened across these beautiful red plastic tea glasses. Needless to say, for 50p each, I snapped them up!

I'm not sure how old they are, I suspect quite old because J's Granddad has some almost identical in blue. The glasses themselves I think are a mix of two sets, half are Pyrex and the other half say 'JTJ Made in England' on the base. They'll look lovely in the new flat!

I also bought a pair of knitting needles for my lovely friend Jess who I'm teaching to knit for 20p and a beautiful pair of old Roland Cartier shoes for £2. Unfortunately the shoes are size 38.5 so aren't for keeps, but someone will love them I'm sure!

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