Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Papergirl Night: Images

Some creatively displayed work on show.

My submissions, displayed in amongst some lovely fruit and veg boxes.

The '48 Sheet' Project space, within the Mailbox, Birmingham
A selection of customised and beautifully adorned bicycles.

Last night we went along to Papergirl Night at 48 Sheet in the Mailbox.
It was a lovely evening and it was good to finally get to see everyone else's submissions to such an open brief. There was lots of illustrations, photographs, prints and etchings - infact, an enormous mix!

 The work was creatively curated in areas throughout the space alongside customised bicycles, projections and small hands-on-project areas [including a spirograph workbench!].

There was tea served in eclectic mix-matched cups, homemade cakes and sweets.

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