Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lost in Lace.

Annie Bascoul - 'Moucharabieh'
needlepoint lace, cotton.

Annie Bascoul - 'Moucharabieh', and 'Jardin de lit, lit de jardin'
Assemblage, Feathers, brass wire and cotton.

Close up of the large scale needlepoint lace.

Chiharu Shiota, 'After the dream'

Suzumi Noda 'Juxtaposition'
Knitting, painting, cardboard jacquard punch cards, lacquer, plastic fibre,
wood and thread.

Piper Shepard, 'Lacing Space'
Drawing, screen printing, hand cutting.

Reiko Sudo 'Tanabata lace'

“Our NUNO textile Tanabata Lace is pleated like origami, then finished by hand using a heat cutter to create a repeating pattern of slits and a fun feeling of motion”.

Ai Matsumoto 'No Reverse'
Casting, embroidery, handkerchiefs, silicone, thread.

More of her work available to see here

Michael Brennand-Wood, 'Lace the final frontier'
Cutting, painting, aluminium, acrylic, wood.

Here are a few images I took from the Lost in Lace exhibition which took over the Gas Hall at BMAG from October until it closed on Sunday.

The exhibition showed a variety of works from lots of international as well as British artists all working around the broad theme of lace. There was lots of intricate large scale work which occupied spaces and challenged the perceptions of what lace can be.

I absoloutley love French artist Annie Bascoul's piece 'Moucharabieh' [see top 3 images]

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