Monday, 17 October 2011

Head and Nerve Powder.

I've just remembered that I didn't ever get around to writing a blog about the embroidery piece I did for the August/September window display of 'Fabric Magic'. - I finished it the night before set-up!

As a part of the Trowbridge August Festival I was invited to produce a piece of work based on the historical town of Trowbridge and allowed to curate my work within the space. I collected a couple of old pharmaceutical bottles and tins and curated a window based on the old Aplin's Chemist that once stood nearby. [ On Fore Street]
My camera chose the trip to Trowbridge to die so unfortunately I don't have any images of the window itself.

The embroideries are based on old prescriptions, labels and packaging that I found in the museum mounted on a piece of needle-punch embroidery made up of found cottons and linens.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Love the found linens. Was wondering if I could ask you a few questions on how your work explores the oppression of women for my project "The Cure for Love"?

  2. Thanks! - it's always nice to find someone [Another Kate!] with similar interests. I saw you'd commented on BUA last night and had a little look at your blog, your work is really lovely, The poetry embroidery is really unusual!!

    Of course you can ask me some questions, i've sort of been distracted a bit since the work on the oppression of women but it's still something that really interests me!

    My personal email address is

    Speak soon, Kate