Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Easton Arts Trail 2011

Jenni's house looking dressed up.

Some lovely work by Jenni Joule

Jenni, beaming next to her Heads of Fate textile sculpture.

The "Gallery Space".

My latex teacups embedded with family photographs and found materials
and an embroidered recipe encased in resin.

Hand made ceramic jewellery and wearable textile art.

At the weekend my lovely friend Jenni Joule opened her house to the public as part of Easton Arts Trail 2011. We had a wonderful day exhibiting our recent work and selling our hand crafted creations while people following the trail popped in to see us and our work.

We made cake and chai tea and got to meet lots of interesting people from the Bristol creative communities.


  1. Not as YUM as this!! Looks incredible. Massive well done Kate :) x x x