Monday, 4 October 2010

My Residency at Lyndon

Following my work placement at Lyndon School in Solihull I was fortunate enough to be Invited back filling a new position as Artist in Residence.The idea was to promote the work of practicing ( or in my case student) artists work and working processes.
I worked within the space in the POD Gallery of the Art Department and throughout the week I worked with small groups of yr9 and yr10 students. The projects we worked on were aimed to equip them with a basic knowledge of textile processes. Together we did a workshop in creative and experimental drawing, hand embroidery and an introduction to machine embroidery.

I found the week really interesting, I was pleased with how enthusiastic some of the students were and how keen they were to ask questions about me and my work. ( I think this was largely because one of the art teachers had told the students that my Latex covered tea set was in fact made of human skin though!)
What I was unprepared for was how the ability levels of the students would differ. I realise that it was naive of me to expect any particular level of textile ability, although i didn't expect to have to explain the principles of threading a needle.
I feel a real sense of achievement after the week, I really enjo
yed my time at Lyndon, and I hope to go back in a month or so's time.
Here are some of the examples of the work that the Students and i worked on over the week.

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